Sweet Snap Camera App

Fascination is temporary. However, a fascination that began in the early 19th century continue to fascinate people all over the world to date. This itself is fascinating, isn’t it? Very easy to guess as only a few of this class is known to exist. Don’t want to keep the suspense for too long. Yes! it isPhotography. Memories are Golden. And what better way of sustaining those memories than with photos. “A photo is worth a thousand words” tells the whole story.

With developments advancing over the years one such development where its value in use is so hard to even imagine is the world’s most widely used popular smartphone. And what’s better than the development of a photography App that could be loaded to a smartphone. With this photography has been made so easy and convenient than it was ever. On focus, is the most exclusive to star App the Sweet Snap: Live Face Sticker App. Its incredible editing features are in a classy. Read on, about its stunning features and you will find this statement expressing its class impossible to be denied.

Features Sweet Snap Camera app

SELFIES – where the whole world is fascinated is made even more fancier. With Over 2800 cute animal face stickers make the selfie to carry these faces. Angel wings are also included.

FUNNY FACE – make the selfies to look really funny with the apps funny face camera effects either by photo or video. You sure will have a time of your life to stop the giggling and laughter of your family and friends viewing them.

Then get theirs too and have your share of the giggles and laughter.

FUNNY FACE LIVE CAMERA FILTERS include many varieties falling into the categories of Lovely Dog and Cute Cat. Check out all of them and have fun.    

MORE FILTERS – to add to varying requirements of the users many Food and Scenery stickers are included. With the Portrait filters the personality of a person or group of people in the image will be shown with effective backdrops, lighting and poses. 

FLAWLESS – make the selfies flawless with the perfect skin without any blemishes visible. Make the eyes to sparkle. Make the teeth whiter if required, Apply the lipstick with the most attractive color of your choice with the most outstanding hair-do.

SHARE – with such immaculate make up share the selfies anyway you like it. Eyes Closed.

Now join in the 100 million + users of this super App. With all features applicable to a photo editor been incorporated in the Sweet Snap one can be fully satisfied that nothing better is out there. Chill out to the max, and keep those photos going great with many stunning variations made possible with this great Sweet Snap: Live Face Sticker App. At the same time relax and look forward to the next editing session.

There are many Android beauty camera apps like sweet snap. YouCam Perfect, Candy Camera, B612 app are some of the free alternatives available for this camera app. Try now for free.

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