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By the name itself it can be identified as a cleaner app for the devices of all of you. It is not only cleaner, but there are also more benefits provided for each and every user like Clean Master APK. Sometimes the Nox cleaner is a cache cleaner and it sometimes acts as an optimizer. Apart from that it is acting as a booster too.

Currently the Nox cleaner has been identified as the best device cleaner presence in the Google store. It is known as the best phone cleaner apart from the other cleaning software. Most of the features have been optimized in to the latest version here in Nox cleaner. This app is only about a 19.30MB sized app. If you think this Nox cleaner is an advantageous cleaning app, allocate some more space for the Nox cleaner.

Features of the Nox cleaner

If your device is slowing due to no reason or the storage is making less, the Nox cleaner is the best option that remains for the users. The cleaner will certainly speed up your device.

  • Development of the device
    By the removal of all unnecessary files, make your device clean. Also the Nox cleaner will free up the much more space in the device. By all those things, the performance of the device will be improved.
  • Powerful anti-virus system
    There is a powerful system against viruses. The scan of the viruses as well as the removal of those viruses can be done easily. Protect your own device with the virus protective software here. That privacy protection will help you in the threats of the virus and other malware problems.
  • Junk and the cache cleaner
    This is the main task performed by an app like the Nox cleaner. Delete all cache included in here like the WhatsApp cache and other all. Just only one touch is needed to clear all the files contained here. Those all cache included the clipboard content and the other all.
  • Memory booster
    The Nox cleaner is an advantageous memory-booster. The usage of memory makes the device very slow. And that clutter will make your device heavier. But if there is a Nox cleaner don’t worry about that. Free up the memory and then the device will move faster. That is an easy thing for all of the device users. The android devices will be much more comfortable forever
  • CPU cooler
    Along with the usage of the CPU the device makes it too hot. If the usage of the CPU is low, the temperature of it is very low. That means the CPU is cooled. If there are more battery-draining apps included here that even makes the CPU with a higher temperature. You have to restrict it. The Nox Cleaner will detect all of them and get the CPU to a better level.
  • Game booster
    This is good news for gamers. Enjoy a lag-free better gaming experience along with the Nox cleaner. Use the app shortcut to the games that are running faster.
  • Battery saver
    The nox cleaner will save the battery much more. It analyses the usage status and quickly explores the battery-draining apps. If these are unnecessary apps, delete them.
  • App lock
    App Lock is a great option to protect your privacy with unwanted people. As the owner, you can restrict the entry of other people to your account like Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • In-app purchases
    To enjoy with the all features the users have to pay about 1$-15$

This app receive many updates over time. Those updates may have new features and bug fixes. Recent updates have following changes

  • The managing features have optimized.
  • Filtering of the apps.
  • Performance of the apps have improved.

The nox cleaner is the best option that you could use for device cleaning. Use it for once and experience it. It will be the best option you could select.

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